Wednesday, January 05, 2005

This is the first one, fool.

I'm here, this is my new outlet for self frustration and hate. Therefore, please disregard anything i say that is offensive to you and/or your party. You might be wondering why my font is so big. Thats because its easier to read, fool. I hate people who have a white backround and tiny yellow font. I mean, come on, try visiting your own website after you create it. if every web page was black, 50% less of us wouldn't wear glasses. (not proven, but very sure is true.) thats why black is better, in alot of things. they make fat people look skinny, and they make skinny people look good. And i like black people, sometimes. and i'm not black. and i'm racist, and homophobic, and oblivious to sarcasm.

yeah, i was just saying what i was thinking at the current time. i dont really expect anyone to read this anyway.